A life-inspired wholesale company, representing disruptor brands, conscious brands. People brands.

We seek opportunity and shape horizons, responding to an evolving landscape of consumerism and its ever-shifting demands. A symbiotic relationship between consumer and brand, we speak to a world constantly in flux. Ideation. Creation. Progression. Collaboration. Innovation.

Names is a space for the brave-thinkers, dreamers and idea-makers. Finding harmony in essentialism and breaking the barriers of identity and product to bring life to the habitual journey.

An industry craving change, we are infusing a new set of values into the system with meaningful products that make significant contributions to enrich lives, without compromise. A coming together of refined aesthetics, curation and distinct perspectives, we will inspire those to think differently.

  • Wholesale
  • Retail
  • Brand development
  • Strategy
  • Creative direction
  • Collaboration