Natural, Vegan, Waterless and Certified Organic.

Swedish beauty brand (M)anasi 7 introduces Microbioskin™ - an innovative, microbiome-friendly skin and body care collection of seven multi-use products for a simple beauty routine. Natural, vegan, waterless, and certified organic, the collection is inspired by company founder Susanne Manasi's Indian heritage and the subcontinent's ancient, natural-based rituals that have withstood the test of time.

The Microbioskin™ collection is based on super-powerful, skin barrier-repairing products. Each carefully crafted formulation delivers a nutrient boost to your skin via effective natural and organic ingredients, high-quality bio ferment, and plant-based upcycled actives. As your skin's microbiome is boosted, the skin barrier's health is fortified and restored. With a less-is-more approach, Manasi 7 advocates a streamlined skincare routine with multi-purpose products to save time, money and energy. Microbioskin™ is about beauty without compromise –

"We believe in long-term skin health vs. a quick fix; sustainable skincare with simple multi-use products as opposed to the high-maintenance realm of the 10-step skin care routine." Susanne Manasi.

So what is a microbiome, and how is it beneficial? Microbiome is a collection of all microbes, such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and their genes that naturally live on our bodies and inside of us. Right now, trillions of microorganisms are living on your face, which is a good thing. A flourishing microbiome is vital to a healthy skin barrier and the secret to fresh, glowing skin. For the Microbioskin™ collection, Manasi uses probiotics and the best microbiome-friendly ingredients, helping the good bacteria to survive and multiply. Their mindset is to see skin as a living, breathing ecosystem that needs support to thrive. All Microbioskin™ products contain a proprietary blend of organic botanical oils and extracts exclusive to Manasi 7, optimised to help support the microbiome and maintain the skin barrier and acid mantle's natural pH. When the pH is optimised, the skin can better defend itself against pathogenic microorganisms.

How is Manasi a natural, organic and environmentally focused brand? Manasi focuses on working with plants and their extracts as a natural and organic brand. They collect discarded ingredients from organic food and beverage waste in line with their sustainability goals. They need to be free from contamination and in good, fresh condition so they can be transformed through bio-fermentation into active ingredients. By reusing precious natural resources from their soils as much as possible, they can help reduce environmental impact by supporting a more circular production that is good for our skin and the planet. Usually, conventional skincare formulations have up to 80-90% water. By decreasing regular water use from their formulations, Manasi increases the concentration of active ingredients to ensure a super-potent formula that lasts longer and is eco-friendly.

What are the latest products? After four intensive years of research, Manasi has launched the first two products from their Microbioskin™ collection: Microbioskin™ Botanical Face Oil Armonia and Microbioskin™ Botanical Serum Chanua.

The Botanical Face Oil Armonia is a luxurious and potent multitasker. Containing soothing and nourishing organic plant-based oils, the product is made to resemble your skin's natural microbial activity to condition, protect, rejuvenate and lock in moisture. It contains a proprietary blend of botanical oils and extracts that are exclusive to Manasi 7, which are made to support the microbiome. Rich in fatty acids omegas 3, 6, and 9 and antioxidant vitamin E, its rich and silky texture absorbs easily into the skin without leaking any oiliness. Refining and revitalising the skin's natural radiance, use it alone or with the new serum below.

The Microbioskin™ Botanical Serum Chanua is a rich, nourishing probiotic serum made with a selected proprietary blend of ingredients and extracts exclusive to Manasi 7. Silky and lightweight, it delivers deep hydration for dewy, rejuvenated skin and balances pH levels whilst fighting against free radicals, boosting luminosity. The Botanical Serum Chanua works well with all the other products and is super-potent, with a drop or two going a long way.

Now available to order at NAMES.LIFE.

Highlights: Microbiome-friendly, certified organic, cosmos approved, naturally derived, bio-tech ingredients, upcycled, wild harvested, vegan, probiotics, prebiotics, bioactives, fermented ingredients, plant-based, cruelty-free, palm oil-free, gluten-free, conscious packaging.


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