The Impossible Fragrance: Aeir x NAMES

The future of fragrance is here.

Engineered with molecules. Made on Earth.

A duo previously responsible for Tesla’s Sustainability & Biomaterials Strategy, Yeezy’s Innovation & Future Lab Direction, LVMH’s first Web3 launch with Rimowa, invite you take your customers on a sensory journey to reimagine the very essence of luxury.

Aeir believes in beauty without extraction. Engineered to be fully recycled and disassembled, each scent has been created using molecules, carbon-captured ethanol and DNA-derived formulas for scent. Reducing the botanical source of natural ingredients, and giving life to Extrait Molecular de Parfum.


Wet Stone exudes a captivating, almost mystical aura with its incense-like notes - gentle sensuality, accompanied by a lunar-like mineral expression will evolve along you through the day. 

Top Notes: Ambergris, Talc

Heart Notes: Wet Stone

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Vanilla


Grand Rose evokes memories of idyllic countryside cottages - a fragrance of tender intensity, redolent of a powdery, futuristic and floral deja vu.

Olfactory Notes: Floral

Top Notes: Pink PepperHeart Notes

Base Notes: Violet, Patchouli


Suede boasts the same irresistible allure as Le Labo's famed Santal 33 - uniquely crisp, yet unmistakably leather.

Olfactory Family: Natural

Top Notes: Cashmere, Bergamot Heart

Notes: Leather, Tobacco Base, Amber, Oakmoss


Virgin Olive offers a fresh yet invigorating scent, tinged with a hint of delightful bitterness - reminiscent of a holiday near the Mediterranean. 

Olfactory Family: Plant

Top Notes: Bergamot, Earth Heart, Amber

Base Notes: Vetiver, Cannabis

Each Aeir Mini comes shipped inside a 100% recycled FSC certified Aeir BagTM

Engineered with space grade aluminium, the refillable perfume system is designed for disassembly. The anodised enclosure is a beauty industry world first