Sound good, smell great

Blending sound with scent in the digital fragrance experience.

The world of fragrance is an enchanting realm that has the power to transport us on an alluring journey through time, space and memory. However, when it comes to expressing the true essence of these scents online, the challenge arises due to their intricate nature of profound emotions and subjectivity. In this digital age, where visuals and words dominate, capturing the essence of fragrance becomes a delicate task. However, perfumers have found an innovative way to bridge this gap by exploring uncharted realms - blending sound with scent. This harmonious convergence of senses not only enriches the digital fragrance experience but also evokes memories and emotions, propelling the perfumery world into an ever-evolving realm.

Azalai EDP 30ml by Stora SkugganAzalai EDP 30ml by Stora Skuggan
Azalai EDP 30ml by Stora Skuggan


Stora Skuggan, the avant-garde fragrance house, has been at the forefront of this exciting exploration. Their groundbreaking creation, Azalai, stands as a testament to the power of blending sound with scent. Drawing inspiration from the ancient trade route of Azalai, which connected West Africa to North Africa, this fragrance takes us on a captivating olfactory journey. Accompanying this scent is a collaboration with the music duo Aasthma, whose melodic compositions transport us to the dunes of the Sahara and the bustling markets of Timbuktu. Embark on a sensory journey through the alluring scent of saffron, blood orange, and velvione musk, intertwined with the sweet allure of gum acacia, the allure of salty amber, and incense, while delicate hints of mint tea and dried fruit add a captivating layer to the narrative that this fragrance gracefully unfolds. The hauntingly beautiful music further enriches the experience, allowing us to immerse ourselves fully in the story this fragrance seeks to tell.

Debaser EDP 50ml by D.S. & DurgaDebaser EDP 50ml by D.S. & Durga
Debaser EDP 50ml by D.S. & Durga


D.S. & Durga, the artisanal perfume house known for its storytelling through fragrance, has also embraced the concept of blending sound with scent. Their fragrance "Debaser" pays homage to the iconic song by the Pixies. With notes of ripe figs, coconut milk, and tonka, this fragrance captures the essence of the song's surreal and dreamy atmosphere. By drawing inspiration from music, D.S. & Durga adds another layer of complexity to their olfactory creations, inviting us to explore the sensory relationship between sound and scent.

Boombox Candle by cent.ldnBoombox Candle by cent.ldn
Boombox Candle by cent.ldn


Beyond fragrances, the fusion of sound and scent finds its way into the realm of home fragrances. Cent.ldn, a unique handcrafted collectable candle brand, presents their best selling “Boombox Candle”. This exquisite piece pays tribute to the legendary RC M90 boombox showcased on album covers of iconic artists like LL Cool J and Beastie Boys. Revered as the unrivaled monarch of Boom Boxes, it remains an enduring symbol of Hip-hop culture. Hand-crafted and poured with precision in London, UK, this collectable candle is too precious to ignite, destined to become an everlasting emblem of artistry and culture.

Yes Please! EDP 100ml by 19-69Yes Please! EDP 100ml by 19-69
Yes Please! EDP 100ml by 19-69


Another notable exploration of sound and scent comes from 19-69, renowned for their boundary-pushing collection, drawing inspiration from the freedom and music of counterculture. Their captivating fragrance “Yes Please!” enthralls your senses with a unique blend of Juniper, Thyme, and Cedarwood, paying homage to the iconic Madchester era that once defined an entire generation. The journey of this fragrance is intricately woven, drawing inspiration from a scene in the film "24 Hour Party People" (2002), written by Frank Cottrell Boyce and directed by Michael Winterbottom. Transporting us back to the vibrant 80s, post-industrial Manchester witnessed a convergence of experimentation, dance, and music, with Factory Records and The Haçienda club at its core. To complete this multisensory experience, the fragrance is thoughtfully accompanied by a carefully curated playlist featuring legendary bands such as Joy Division, New Order, Stone Roses, and more. Engaging all the senses, "Yes Please!" becomes an ode to the unforgettable era that shaped music and culture.


The fragrance world's foray into blending sound with scent is a captivating exploration that elevates the digital fragrance experience to new heights. Perfumers, like Stora Skuggan, 19-69, and D.S. & Durga, have ventured into uncharted territories, combining the evocative power of music with the intricate nature of fragrance. These innovative approaches not only enrich our sensory experiences but also provide an intimate connection with the scents and the stories they seek to tell. As technology and creativity continue to push the boundaries of the perfumery world, this harmonious convergence opens up a world of possibilities, captivating fragrance enthusiasts worldwide, and ensuring that the allure of fragrance remains eternal in the digital age.