About Us

NAMES is a multidisciplinary sales and brand development agency in the luxury and creative sectors. We support innovative growth and empower brands through integrative strategies, providing visionary thinkers and creators a leading platform to challenge conventional systems and establish their names.

Our comprehensive omnichannel approach is built on four essential foundations: Identity, Strategy, Activation, and Expansion.



We create a brand's distinct story and visual elements by understanding its core values, purpose, and essence. We develop an engaging brand personality and effective visual communication by examining market positioning, target audience, and competitors.



We design strategic plans that align brand objectives with market research, competitive analysis, and customer segmentation. Setting clear goals and performance metrics ensures consistency in messaging, content, and marketing channels.



We implement global sales strategies through commercial operations, comprehensive representation, and optimised wholesale procedures. Our targeted approach is designed to engage audiences effectively, enhance the customer experience, and consistently drive revenue.



We enable further growth through continuous innovation and adaption to market shifts by identifying new opportunities, redefining brand strategies, and strengthening client retention. This ensures that our brands are well-positioned to navigate the evolving landscape, maximising business potential.


EST. 2018