Discover our carefully curated edit of Intro Packs.

In one click, our Intro Packs are designed to broaden your scents, self-care, and living repertoire. Each edit houses hero products from ready-to-use routines and living rituals to ensure a strong brand representation for your store. 

Take out the guesswork and explore our curated selection of opening orders prepared by us for you. Complimentary testers included.


Introducing the Haeckels' universe to your store with one opening order, curated by NAMES.

Here you can find our selection of the brand’s best-selling products and what we think will be the perfect mix to ensure a strong brand representation for your launch. The All-Inclusive Introductory Pack features products from the skin, body and hair care range, with the addition of natural fragrances and candles. 


Discover Manasi 7, a high-performing beauty collection of long-lasting organic, timeless and multifunctional products designed and developed in Sweden in one click. Created in small batches, the brand uses raw materials extracted from minerals, wild plants and flowers to harness the potency and natural effectiveness of their properties, quality, colour and scent. The products are designed to be used individually or mixed to create endless possibilities.

A strong visual representation for your store, the All-Inclusive Introductory Pack features products across their core make up range. 


Feed your mind invisible messages through volatile molecules and wearable olfactory artwork with one opening order.

Launched in 2015, Stora Skuggan is a niche Stockholm-based perfume house that began as a project among their team of multidisciplinary creatives. Presented in sleek glass bottles with oversized orb caps, the packaging is characterised by unique visuals for each fragrance invented through three dimensions. Seeking to express unique statements inspired by history, mysticism, pop culture and beyond, Stora Skuggan merges curious fascinations with playful wit to create distinct olfactory experiences.

Here you can find Stora Skuggan's entire range, including their latest sixth scent, Azalai.


In one click, discover Biocol Labs, a well-researched post-chemical pharmacy creating health essentials for a balanced, rejuvenating, natural and efficient lifestyle. Since 1977, the brand has researched, developed and perfected a trace-element range of supplements aiming to activate the organism's vital functions and preserve the integrity of the cells, endangered by the disadvantages of modernisation. Providing a range of health essentials which are plant-based and straight-talking, Biocol Labs was born to end the chemical pharma industry with mineral and plant-based science.

Here, you can find our opening order recommendations featuring the brand's best-sellers and what we think will be a strong visual representation for your store. 


Introducing Kinfill, a home care brand from the Netherlands redefining modern-day cleaning. The brand has designed minimal cleaning products in a long-lasting Italian glass bottle devoid of single-use plastics and harmful ingredients. Supplied in their purest form, their 100% biodegradable concentrates are formulated to dilute at home using just tap water. Its concentrates contain clean, powerful and essential ingredients of the highest quality.

The All-Inclusive Introductory Pack features products from their starter kits and refills, with the addition of their design-focused accessories.


mid/night 00.00 is a disruptive beauty brand that offers simple yet highly effective routines. The brand provides uniquely versatile formulations focusing on preventive rather than reactive beauty that are vegan, plant-based, genderless, and locally produced. Gentle treatment technologies and natural ingredients cater for various skin and hair types, while a signature scent infuses serenity and tranquillity throughout the range.

A strong visual representation for your store, the All-Inclusive Introductory Pack features products across their hair, body, facial and solid routines.

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