COMIS: One Device – Multiple Possibilities

Avant-Garde Beauty

In the heart of Stockholm, a beauty revolution is quietly stirring. Allow us to introduce COMIS, a brand that transcends boundaries and reshapes the narrative of beauty.

This is not just a brand; it's a journey into the future of beauty, where every product is a testament to a pioneering spirit.


COMIS' Intro Set is a comprehensive package designed for the initiation into the realm of innovative self-tan technology. The state-of-the-art nano mist device ensures a smooth and even application, with the added convenience of prefilled capsules that eliminate mess and maintain ingredient freshness—ideal for those on the move.

The self-tan formula, an integral component of the set, hydrates and gradually develops a natural-looking tan lasting up to 5 days. The inclusion of Ordenone™ technology significantly reduces the notorious self-tan odor, enhancing the overall experience.

COMIS PackagingCOMIS Packaging

This innovative self-tanning solution guarantees flawless and enduring results. The clear formula progressively builds a sun-kissed glow, offering the flexibility to choose the desired intensity. Suitable for all skin types and complexions, the formula not only tans but also nurtures the skin with its hydrating properties.

The exclusive capsule system brings a new level of convenience, eliminating mess and keeping the ingredients fresh—perfect for both home and travel.

Launching an unparalleled system that is a seamless blend of nanotechnology and a unique capsule system. Experience precision dosing with zero waste, as each capsule, meticulously crafted from 100% recycled PP plastic, embodies the commitment to personal and environmental well-being. This is beauty that goes beyond aesthetics—a beauty that harmonises with the world and resonates with each individual.

Step into a new era of beauty with COMIS, the epitome of Nordic sophistication. Embracing innovation, sustainability, and timeless allure, COMIS introduces a concept where beauty is not just skin deep; it's a declaration of confidence and responsibility.


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