Atelier Bingo Call Out Series #2: Scents

Gifting the art of scent

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Presenting "Gifting the art of scent," our second series boldly delves into the profound interplay of aromas and emotion, transforming it into a genuine art form.

Scent, often regarded as the most evocative of our senses, holds the remarkable ability to trigger memories and emotions. Through this series, NAMES recognises the significant influence of scent on our well-being, encouraging us to deeply engage in this sensory experience. From ancient incense rituals to today's sophisticated perfumeries, the olfactory arts have woven themselves into the fabric of human history. This series is a tribute to the diverse tapestry of scents that shape our lives, demonstrating how they can be wielded as instruments for personal and collective transformation.

Silphium Stora SkugganSilphium Stora Skuggan


Stora Skuggan's Silphium fragrance takes us on a captivating journey through time and nature, evoking a sense of wonder with every spritz. Their rendition of this historical plant is meticulously crafted using aromachemicals, the fundamental building blocks of scents. This blend harmonizes with ancient incense, enriched by woody and leathery notes, weaving a fragrance that is both evocative and timeless.

Multi brand ImageMulti brand Image
Pistachio DS & DURGAPistachio DS & DURGA


D.S. & Durga's Pistachio fragrance is a captivating ode to the unexpected. The familiar nutty notes intertwine with surprising accords, creating a scent that is both comforting and daring. It's akin to navigating a vibrant market, where every corner holds a new, delightful surprise. This fragrance is an invitation to embrace the unpredictable and relish in the joy of discovery of pistachio, patchouli, vanilla crème.

“I think pistachio is an elegant nut. Also a fun nut…People went nuts for the concept… and we knew we had to add it to the line. It's dank & unabashedly sweet which is something I don’t normally do.” -D.S & Durga

Glass Dark Bouquets CurionoirGlass Dark Bouquets Curionoir
Dark Bouquet CurioniorDark Bouquet Curionior


CURIONOIR's Dark Bouquet Classic Candle, elegantly ensconced within a handblown glass vessel, is a true work of art seamlessly merging form and fragrance. Its deep, velvety floral notes evoke an air of mystique and allure, immersing us in a world of opulence and refinement. Complementing this bouquet is the earthy, sharp, and sweet essence of a citrus orchid. Crafted from biodegradable botanical wax and featuring lead-free, cotton-wick-free design, this exquisite piece not only indulges our senses but also adds a refined touch to any space. It's a genuine treasure that appeals to the discerning aficionados of both art and fragrance

Hikari light sculpture sand bisque AmenHikari light sculpture sand bisque Amen
Hikari Light Sculpture in Sand BisqueHikari Light Sculpture in Sand Bisque


AMEN's Hikari Light Sculpture in Sand Bisque is a testament to the fusion of form and function. The soft, ambient glow complements the delicate scent, creating an immersive sensory experience. It's a testament to AMEN's dedication to redefining our understanding of how scent and visual aesthetics can intertwine. This piece isn't just a light source; it's an artful expression of the harmony between light and scent. Crafted with precision, these abstract and sculptural-inspired creations celebrate intersexuality, serving as conversation starters and igniting creativity.



Nomadic Rituals' stands as a curated collection of Selahatin's Eau d'Extrait Oral Sprays, a true collector's gem. Within this assemblage lie four of the brand's quintessential aromas: 'Escapist,' 'Of Course I Still Luv You,' 'Blue Forever,' and 'Eukalypse.' Each scent is a testament to Selahatin's commitment to crafting unique olfactory experiences, inviting you on a sensory journey like no other.

Gifting the art of scents is a testament to the profound impact of scent on our lives, highlighting its power to evoke memories and emotions. From ancient rituals to modern perfumeries, this exploration underscores the rich history and potential for transformation that lies within the olfactory arts, inviting us all to embrace this sensory journey for our well-being and collective growth.