Shelf Indulgence.

Relax, unwind, and regroup this holiday season. Accentuate the inner beauty in your unique routine and discover our essentials that transcends both trends and seasons.

Your guide to NAMES’ holiday lineup of discerning ‘self-care’ gifts below.

mid/night 00.00 – solid routinemid/night 00.00 – solid routine

Featured In This Image: mid/night 00.00

1. MID/NIGHT 00.00 / Solid Routine

Mid/night 00.00 was created to enhance real and natural beauty, introducing a line of hair and skincare that streamlines daily routines with high-quality products that do more with less. Founded by Nina Urgell Cloquell, the brand disrupts the traditional beauty industry approach, offering extremely effective and uniquely versatile formulations that focus on preventive rather than reactive beauty. All products are vegan, plant-based, genderless and locally produced.

The Solid Routine set, is everything you need to be kind to your body and our planet.  Designed to reduce single-use plastic waste in your daily routine. Take care of your hair and body within 4 steps: Shampoo Bar 00.31, Conditioner Bar 00.32, Body Scrub Bar 00.33 and Body Wash Bar 00.34.

Biocol labs something for the party animalBiocol labs something for the party animal

Featured In This Image: Biocol Labs

2. BIOCOL LABS / Something for the party animal

Founded in 1977, biocol labs is a family-run laboratory ahead of its time, believing that mineral and plant-based science would ultimately make the chemical pharma industry redundant. The brand researched, developed and perfected a trace-element range of supplements aiming to activate the vital functions of the organism and to preserve the integrity of the pills.

Under the influence of neon lights until the sun comes up, debauchery loves remedy. This gift  sees to hangovers and no regrets. Using only natural extracts, minerals and vitamins, it’s your secret to misbehave. Let’s drink to that.

Patricks – CD1Patricks – CD1

Featured In This Image: Patricks

3. PATRICKS / AM1 Anti-Aging Moisturizer Hydrating with Delta Complex 50ml

Patricks is an award winning, deluxe hair and skincare range that combines the latest scientific innovations with bespoke fragrances to create high-performance products. With an uncompromising commitment to the latest developments within the cosmetics industry, Patricks now works with highly sought-after chemists and labs around the world, promoting the best practices in biotechnology.

THE AM1 is a hyper concentrated, rich moisturizing cream that is absorbed quickly into the skin for a silky matte finish that continues to hydrate for 24 hours. Contains a powerful combination of Hyaluronic Acid to minimize signs of aging, Creatine to boost collagen levels and Squalene to promote elasticity and brighten the complexion.


Featured In This Image: Selahatin

4. SELAHATIN / Collection No 1 Set

Founded in 2016, Selahatin is aspiring to change the perception of what oral care can be – a synthesis of intricate aromas, clinical performance and compelling aesthetics. The formula has been vetted by The Swedish Dental Association in 2017, and Selahatin has since been dubbed “one of the best new grooming brands in the world” by GQ Magazine.

Selahatin Collection Nr 1 is a presentation box of three essential scents, housed in 65 ml aluminium tubes. The box contains Amorist, Escapist and Hypnotist.

natureofthings balancing facial essence 50mlnatureofthings balancing facial essence 50ml

Featured In This Image: natureofthings

5. NATUREOFTHINGS / Balancing Facial Essence

Natureofthings is a modern wellness house rooted in the enduring wisdom of nature. The brand is centred around the belief that that health is harmony. It's synchronicity of body, mind and the natural world. All ingredients come from the earth – plants, minerals, and elements.

Their multi-benefit essence hydrates as it tones, purifying and soothing the complexion without the use of alcohol or harsh astringents.

Bodha ritual incense boxBodha ritual incense box

Featured In This Image: Bodha

6. BODHA / Ritual Incense Box

Coining the phrase ‘come back to yourself’, Bodha has created a world of therapeutic olfactory delights that soothe the soul. By combining the art of perfume and the science of aromatherapy, founders Emily and Fred L’Ami invite you into their world of ritual and scent. The research, design and development of each piece comes straight from the Los Angeles studio and floats by the founders’ native lands of New Zealand and Holland.

The Ritual Incense box is a a beautiful handmade wooden box filled with their best selling Ground & Calm Smokeless Ritual Incense, plus a set of 30 Ritual Cards. The box is designed to be kept & can be refilled with any Bodha incense.

lelo dot colour version pinklelo dot colour version pink

Featured In This Image: LELO

7. LELO / Lelo Dot

Now into its second decade, Lelo is at the forefront of an industry that has seen much change throughout that period, creating objects of desire that are both refined and luxurious. At the core of LELO’s offering is an insatiable curiosity, a desire to explore and refine the space where technology and human sensation intersect.

LELO Dot is an innovative clitoral vibrator that offers multiple orgasms, sending novel sensations externally across the clitoris and other erogenous areas. Using Infinite Loop Technology, it moves in a constant elliptical motion while the soft and bendable tip stimulates you with absolute precision.

the grey Overnight Sleeping Mask 50mlthe grey Overnight Sleeping Mask 50ml

Featured In This Image: The Grey

8. The Grey / Overnight Sleeping Mask 50ml

Developed exclusively for men, The Grey’s skincare products are fine-tuned to preserve, protect and nourish skin from the rigours of modern life. Working in collaboration with some of the best laboratories in Europe, The Grey’s collection provides a modern take on male skincare, centred around two core components: simplicity and smoothness.

The overnight sleeping mask is multi active face mask, strengthening, replenishing and restoring the skin while you sleep. Different to others, the mask is supercharged with a 24 hour "chronoactive" active to protect the epidermal lipids long after exposure to the sun has ceased, extending it’s repairs overnight.

Kinfill – Full house starter kit set of 4 cleanersKinfill – Full house starter kit set of 4 cleaners

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6. KINFILL / Full House Starter Kit

The Full House Collection includes four of the essential cleaners with blend-at-home concentrates for every situation, room, or surface.The set includes the Multi Surface Cleaner, Glass + Mirror Cleaner, Tub + Tile Cleaner and Floor Cleaner.