Stora Skuggan’s Mystical 7th Scent

Dive into the world of Hexensalbe, where fragrance tells a story.

Hexensalbe by Stora SkugganHexensalbe by Stora Skuggan

Welcome to Stora Skuggan's latest masterpiece: an Eau de Parfum that stands out from the crowd. This unique fragrance unfolds a narrative of witches, secret potions, and an enchanting dance between desire and the supernatural.

Crafted from a blend inspired by ancient hypnotic salves, it boasts notes of deadly nightshade Belladonna, ethereal Angelica Archangelica, shadowy Hemlock, and the rare essence of human baby fat. This combination transports you to a hidden world where earthly passions meld with mystical sensations.

Hexensalbe by Stora SkugganHexensalbe by Stora Skuggan

Discover a sensory journey as the scent reveals tales of forbidden romance, mesmerizing trances, and encounters with beings from beyond our understanding. Venture into a realm where the line between reality and fantasy becomes beautifully blurred. But there's more than folklore woven into this fragrance. It's a tale of allure, passion, and unconventional desires that challenges traditional imagery and embraces a boundary-defying experience.

This scent celebrates untold stories of suppressed feminine power, offering a fresh canvas of forbidden pleasures that challenge perceptions, igniting a spark of empowerment and passion. Immerse yourself in the captivating world crafted by Stora Skuggan, where ancient myths find their place in the modern age, and let your senses be swept away on an unparalleled journey.