Onboarding C’ERA

Italian handmade candles infused with ceramic artistry.

In a world saturated with artificial fragrances and mass-produced décor, there's a yearning for something more profound, something that captures the essence of nature's most elusive scents and the nostalgia of bygone eras. Introducing C'ERA, a visionary creation skillfully encapsulating the elusive olfactory sensations inspired by the saline sea, autumnal persimmon, and earthy wood blends.

C'ERA's inception draws inspiration from the revolutionary spirit of the 1960s, a time of liberation and artistic exploration. This collection pays homage to the era's abstract colours and avant-garde design and combines them with a deep commitment to sustainability. Each C'ERA candle is meticulously crafted with eco-friendly wax, encased in 100% sustainable Italian handmade ceramics. These candles are more than just design pieces; they are aromatic storytellers, transporting you to a landscape of cherished memories and untouched natural beauty.


The first fragrance in this collection, SALSEDINE, is an ode to the sea, capturing its saltiness and sensuality. As you light the candle, the room fills with the refreshing scents of vanilla and ylang-ylang, evoking memories of seaside escapes and sun-kissed afternoons. With SALSEDINE, you can bring the soothing aura of the ocean into your living space, creating a serene sanctuary.

CACHI, is an ode to autumn's enchantment. It celebrates the season of change when ripe persimmon harmonizes with ginger, eucalyptus, and white flowers. As you light CACHI, your home will be transformed into a haven of warmth and nostalgia, evoking the magic of autumn leaves and cosy evenings by the fire.

Last but not least, TERRA, is an afterword to the earth, where the woody notes blend seamlessly with hints of leather, musk, and orange. Lighting TERRA is like taking a journey through a dense forest after the rain, where the earthy aromas envelop you, grounding your senses and connecting you with the natural world. This fragrance reminds us of our deep connection to the earth and its tranquillity.

In a world where the hustle and bustle often disconnect us from the beauty of nature and the nostalgia of the past, C'ERA invites us to embark on a sensory odyssey through time and nature, illuminating your room with the essence of the salty sea, autumnal breeze and grounded earth. C'ERA is not just a collection of scented candles; it's a sensory embodiment of nature's finest moments and a celebration of timeless design.