Jacques Marie Mage is a maker of rare, collectible eyewear crafted in limited edition runs. Based in Los Angeles, precious materials combine with innovative practices, with pieces taking 18 months to create. Inspiration is drawn across continents, cultures, and generations.



Jerome Mage is the designer behind the exclusive brand, having moved from France to South California at the age of 20. The luxury label was established a year later in 2014. 

Mage’s background in the Parisian study of sculpture and product design informs timeless statements. Frames come in chunky, sturdy cellulose acetate. Streamlined titanium lenses range from custom tinted translucent colours to an aloof black. All incorporate an array of rich materials, bold geometric shapes and an exuberance of attitude.



Jacques Marie Mage eyewear combines a respect for history and craft with technical innovation. The result pays homage to the past while delivering a product that is both unique and refined.