Onboarding AMEN

Picasso on mushrooms

NAMES is excited to announce AMEN, an independent luxury candle brand that embodies sustainability, craftsmanship, and artistic expression. Handmade in Grasse, the capital of world perfumery, AMEN's collection merges the talents of renowned art historian Diana Picasso and Yoga Meccas worldwide. These exquisite collections, named 7 Chakra Candles, Luminous Beings light sculptures, and AMEN Picasso, emit captivating fragrances and promote a plastic-free future through sustainable materials.

7 Chakra Candles

In collaboration with Dr Simrat Kaur, dermatologist, yoga practitioner, and founder of Brazilian wellness centre Medicina da Consciência, AMEN introduces 7 Chakra Candles, which transcend the realm of fragrance by incorporating the principles of energy balancing. Each candle is carefully infused with scents that align with the body's seven chakras, promoting a sense of harmony and well-being. 

Dr Kaur describes chakras as, 'seven main energetic vortexes, each related to a gland and a plexus of nerves… as they are perceptive frequencies, each chakra can be expanded and balanced through our senses, through sensorial stimuli such as essential oils and candles.' 

The hand-poured vegan wax, reforested wood covers, and biodegradable mycelium mushroom packaging further reinforce the commitment to sustainability, ensuring that even the packaging aligns with the core values of the collection.

Luminous Beings

AMEN's light sculptures are an exceptional testament to the convergence of art and candle-making created by model and ceramist, Kathrina Kaminiski. Each candle is meticulously crafted to embody abstract forms and sculptural inspiration, turning a simple candle into a captivating masterpiece that celebrates intersexuality. These sculptures become a focal point in any space, igniting conversation and inspiring creativity.

The one-of-a-kind ceramics were recently featured at an exhibition at Dover Street Parfum Market in Paris, attended by Diana Picasso and photographer Jean Pierrot. The Luz candle can be nestled inside the larger sensual sculptures, or live on its own, adding elegance and movement to any surface.

"We live in a world of angles and classifications; nature doesn't want to put you in a box." - Kathrina Kaminski

AMEN Picasso Candles

The AMEN Picasso candles truly reflect the brand's dedication to art and luxury. Collaborating with the renowned art historian Diana Picasso, these candles pay homage to her grandfather, the legendary artist Pablo Picasso. Each candle captures the essence of his artistic vision through a harmonious blend of scents that evoke emotions and memories. The AMEN Picasso candles not only infuse spaces with delightful fragrances but also serve as exquisite decorative pieces that celebrate the spirit of artistic expression.

The hand-poured natural vegetable oil wax ensures a clean and long-lasting burn, while the sleek porcelain vessels with reforested wood covers and mushroom packaging exude elegance and sophistication. 

AMEN's candle collection stands as a beacon of sustainable luxury and artistic craftsmanship. Their commitment to sustainable luxury and artistic excellence has earned them recognition on the global stage. The brand's AMEN collection has been showcased and highly acclaimed at prestigious art exhibitions, including Dover Street Parfums Market, Frieze New York, and Design Miami. This international recognition is a testament to the brand's innovative approach to luxury candles and its dedication to a sustainable future.

Discover transcendental candles that serve as both conversation starters and artistic accents in homes and spaces across the globe.