New dimensions on urban art culture.

Since their inception in 2012, Mighty Jaxx is an award winning independent studio focusing on 3D design for art collectibles.

The urban culture company has shipped millions of phygital collectibles to over 80 global countries per year. As leaders in design and manufacture, they continuously work hard to enhance and improve their process to well match their designs to their 3D figures. Mighty Jaxx are pioneers in authentication methods for their figures and continuously work hard to enhance and improve their processes by using technology to bridge the digital and physical world of art collectibles.

With a variety of more than 80 artists and exclusive products added periodically, they are at the forefront in both design and manufacture. Their collectable figures are designed in alliance with world renowned artists such as Jason Freeny, who specialises in fictional anatomical character schematics of iconic figures, WHATSHISNAME, the satirist  of Jeff Koons’ balloon dogs, Mamafaka, best known for he’s one eyed hair monster called Mr. Hell Yea and so much more. Global brands such as Netflix, New Balance, MTV, Warner brothers, Cartoon Network, Playboy and Nickelodeon are also strong collaborators.

With a mission to supercharge future culture phygitally, Mighty Jaxx’s integrated platform will empower future pop culture brands with an end-to-end supply chain of digital and phygital collectibles, including artist development, proprietary IP operation and providing global consumers access to new DTC experiences.

Empower your collectors and make a statement on your shelves today.