March, it's been a pleasure

Your attention please: a recap of the month

The best a man can get? Here’s better

We started off by blending classic style with a nod to the people. In the grooming industry, Blind Barber have truly become a man’s best friend. Accompanied with a strong sense of community and high quality experiences in mind, we joined.


Accompanied with a strong sense of community and high quality experiences in mind, we joined.Blind Barber on a mission to help you create a perfect cut with some great pomade. Here are a few of Blind Barber’s essentials from this month:

"In addition to moisture, hydration and overall skin improvement, Furora acts as an excellent primer to your makeup."

from Manasi 7 Instagram

Go with the Glow

The new sense of warmth in the air inspired us to give our skincare a serious boost. In need of a soothing, anti-inflammatory, hydrating, probiotic-filled and microbiome-


friendly facial in a jar, we greeted the Manasi 7’s Furora Face Cream with open arms (and pores). Attempting to save the skin from various irritants (humans included), Furora ensures radiance from within. 

Accompanying the well-travelled

Cool at large, convenient at heart. As Globe Trotter and Aston Martin Aramco Formula One  shook hands to innovation, heritage and shared commitment to 


craftsmanship, we knew the summer holidays can now be booked. 
Rest assured that all things packing can be simplified. 

"We believe that beauty can be universal, without extracting our most valuable resources, and are working to create a future where real luxury can be accessible to everyone."

Quote from Aeir website


Molecules - extracted, heads - turned

Earth remains unharmed. Equipped with appropriate travel and beauty essentials, we decided to take an aromatic trip down innovation lane. 4 potent molecular extracts by Aeir stir the 


senses, offering a broad palette of familiar scents. Earthy, powdery, floral and musky to futuristic (featuring bioengineered Ambergris) - allow yourself to travel in time and let the fragrance evolve as you do.
Which one will you pick?

Eat, sleep, collect(ibles), repeat

At last, we safely touched down somewhere in between the digital and the physical, with ROBBi. This month, the world of collectibles immersed us into ROBBi’s captivating storytelling once again.


Emphasis of the enduring power of human connection, intersection of art and mythology and modern fashion are only a few inspirations behind the unmistakeable figures