Manifest a summer of optimism and learn how the history of pink unfolds as a dynamic journey.

Jacques Marie Mage proudly announces the release of a unique capsule collection produced in collaboration with the eponymous brand of acclaimed designer Umit Benan, a special project inspired by the heroes of the French avant-garde and the American West.

The history of pink is a fascinating journey that reflects the evolution of cultural norms, societal values, and the power of color in shaping emotions and perceptions. Initially transcending gender roles, pink flourished during the 18th-century French court as a favored hue in art, fashion, and décor, adorning both men and women.

With time, pink's association shifted, aligning with delicacy and femininity due to societal shifts and advertising. The turning point arrived during Dwight Eisenhower's inauguration, where the First Lady's pink gown, adorned with rhinestones, spurred a trend. This heralded the 20th-century gender colour divide, a notion recently challenged by designers, creators, and consumers who recognise colour neutrality. Men embracing pink in fashion redefine masculinity as diverse and expressive, subverting traditional norms exemplified by artists like Bad Bunny and Tyler The Creator.

The influence of pink spans fashion and lifestyle, reshaping inclusivity and aesthetics. Its presence in interior design, life style products, and home appliances signifies a departure from binary colour concepts, inviting a broader emotional spectrum. Evoking feelings ranging from calmness to vibrancy, pink's emotional depth defies its historic innocence, enriching the palette of human experience.

As a colour, pink thrives as a conduit of playfulness, joy, and youthfulness. Brands tap into its power, infusing products with relatability and memorability, building emotional connections with consumers. This resilience of pink's symbolism reflects human inventiveness and its transformative capacity, exemplified through its integration into fashion, lifestyle, and product design. By challenging norms, encouraging diverse expression, and invoking a spectrum of emotions, pink attests to colour's potent ability to reshape perceptions and feelings.

Representing a true convergence of eras and aesthetics, here, the meticulous Japanese craftsmanship evident in all the fine details of JMM’s eyewear are paired with the time-honored expertise of Neapolitan tailoring, two formidable heritages blended into sartorial expressions of the highest order.

Words by Jacques Marie Mage