MAD for Casablanca Angell K7 Tennis Racket

Where style meets high performance.

The recently revealed Angell K7 tennis racket, a collaborative masterpiece by Casablanca and MAD Paris, is a striking example of luxury sports equipment that seamlessly combines innovation and style.

Crafted from an exclusive blend of Aramid and Carbon Fibre, the Angell K7 embodies both form and function. Its unique materials provide a perfect balance of power, control, and responsiveness, offering tennis enthusiasts a distinct advantage on the court. Casablanca's iconic branding has been seamlessly incorporated into the racket's design, elevating its visual asethetic while upholding peak performance, extending all the way to its white perforated leather casing. This amalgamation of fashion and function sets the Angell K7 apart as a true work of art.

The Angell K7 represents a harmonious partnership between Casablanca's fashion-forward design and MAD Paris's bespoke luxury craftsmanship. It transcends the boundaries of sport and fashion, making it a standout accessory for tennis enthusiasts and is a testament to the convergence of style and performance. Whether you're a seasoned player or a casual fan, this racket is not just equipment; it's a statement of excellence and a symbol of your commitment to both fashion and the game.

Elevate your tennis experience with the Angell K7 by MAD x Casablanca, where innovation meets elegance on court.

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Words by Jacques Marie Mage