Special Projects and collaborations.

Creators of household NAMES, our creative team accelerates the growth of emerging and established brands through an omnichannel approach. Bringing together a series of special projects and collaborations, this week we highlight JACQUES MARIE MAGE for MR PORTER and MAD for FARFETCH BEAT.


The iconic, limited-edition, handcrafted eyewear that draws inspiration across continents, cultures and generations is now exclusively available at MR PORTER.

Jacques Marie Mage Taos Jacques Marie Mage Taos
Jacques Marie Mage Taos WhiskeyJacques Marie Mage Taos Whiskey


Deeply inspired by the creative spirit of Dennis Hopper, Jacques Marie Mage has partnered with Hopper Goods to create a limited-edition collection. Named after Taos, where the actor and artist lived and is buried, these unique rectangular frames represent idealism and decadence of the 60s. The timeless, limited editions are as suitable for the spiritual thrill-seekers as they are for the secular sophisticate.


The Dealan pays homage to Bob Dylan in the mid-1960’s where he toured the world with a sole companion: the iconic pair of black cat-eyed spectacles. Celebrating a relationship between a man and his eyewear, Jacques Marie Mage has incorporated bold columns and sharp lines that evoke the musician’s devil-may-care charisma. An iconic cat-eyed collectible.

Jacques Marie Mage Zephirin VincaJacques Marie Mage Zephirin Vinca
Jacques Marie Mage Zephirin VincaJacques Marie Mage Zephirin Vinca


Inspired by great thinkers and ambitious outcasts, the Zephirin was named after Pope Zephyrinus. Notable for its distinctive WWII sizing, the frames were designed with a meticulous hand-finish and sculpted temple construction. With its slender lines and eclectic silhouette,  these spectacle are perfect for everyday use by the cultural aesthete, imbuing with the panache of a professor and the stride of a saint.


Farfetch, MAD and NAMES, have come together to recreate the first ever exclusive and limited release of the iconic Contax T2 camera for the next FARFETCH BEAT Drop.

Released in 1990, the Contax T2 was the second of the Contax T series of high-end compact film camera aimed at the professional and luxury market. A beautiful, solid metal chassis made in Japan, the T2 was renowned for its Carl Zeiss T* multi coated Sonnar 2.8/38 lens comprising 5 elements in 5 groups and user-friendly features. While it offered full automation, including Autofocus and Program AE, the Contax T2 was one of the most intuitive cameras of its era, featuring Aperture Priority AE selection, exposure compensation +/-2EV in ½ EV steps and manual focus on a dial. The given viewfinder gives an impressive shutter speed and focus lock confirmation.

The discontinued T2’s have now been restored to brand new factory condition and customised by MAD and FARFETCH BEAT Drop with 5 colourways, 2 of each. 

In the course of analogue renaissance, the Contax T2 stands well above competition. Since then, the T2 has become iconic, finding its way into the hands of Juergen Teller, Sofia Coppola, Daniel Arsham and Frank Ocean…

“Regardless of the hype, the Contax T2’s status as the cult point-and-shoot camera for over 30 years is built on its exceptional performance and results. After all, personal photographs are one of life’s greatest luxuries,” Ronojoy Dam, Global Director, Brand & Culture, at FARFETCH.

“Some say you can’t improve a classic, but MAD have proven otherwise with their visionary customisation of timepieces and jewelry, and they have done so again with this limited edition version of the camera.”

MAD for Farfetch Beat 005MAD for Farfetch Beat 005
MAD for Farfetch Beat 005MAD for Farfetch Beat 005

In a world of continuous innovation and accelerating technology, to still be relevant after 30 years, the Contax T2 is undeniably a ledgend in the realm of film photography.

Now available in:

2 x Contax T2 Light Sand / Copper Suede / Desert Sand

2 x Contax T2 Desert Sand / Flat Dark Earth / Benelli Sand

2 x Contax T2 Multicam Dark Green / Flat Dark Earth / Benelli Sand

2 x Contax T2 Graphite Black / Light Sand / Lemon Zest

2 x Graphite Black / Aztec Teal / Battleship Grey


Exclusively sold by NAMES to FARFETCH.

Art Direction & Design: NAMES

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