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The art of thoughtful gifting is more important today than ever before. Discover our guide to fine scents, modern self-care products, art collectables and more; to prepare for this holiday season. 

Featured In This Image: Mighty Jaxx

1. MIGHTY JAXX / Dissected POPek by Whatshisname and Jason Freeny Space Grey Edition

Mighty Jaxx, is an award-winning independent studio focusing on 3D design for art collectables. Introducing the newest colourway in this powerhouse collaboration, the metallic finish adds a futuristic flair to any collection. Complete with the signature dissection style Jason Freeny, this stellar pup is not one to be missed. Final product may slightly vary.

Featured In This Image: Stora Skuggan

2. STORA SKUGGAN / Moonmilk 30ml

Based in Stockholm, Stora Skuggan combines niche perfumery with visual art and storytelling. 

"At night, the moon shines into the cave so brightly the light itself seems to take form, like a mist. It gathers in the ceiling and makes the limestone stalactites glitter and gleam, dripping tears of white liquid into puddles on the rock floor that never dries. Moonmilk." - Conrad Gessner, Swiss Physician, Naturalist, bibliographer and Philiogist.

Featured In This Image: Biocol Labs

3. BIOCOL LABS / Something for bloated tums

Biocol Labs is a post-chemical pharmacy that is plant-based, doctor-approved and straight-talking solutions.

Most digestive remedies are made of synthetic ingredients, which our bodies were not made to absorb. Made from probiotics, ginger and chloride, Biocol Labs has figured out a formula to improve normal digestion. The supplement also contains fennel and green anise which contributes to the functionality of the intestinal tract. 

Featured In This Image: mid/night 00.00

4. MID/NIGHT 00.00 / Shampoo 00.01 300ml

Mid/night 00.00 was created to enhance real and natural beauty, introducing a line of hair and skincare that streamlines daily routines with high-quality products that do more with less.

The shampoo is carefully designed to suit all your needs. Coming up with the best combination of ingredients this shampoo is aimed to enhance brightness and volume, strengthen the root and promote healthy and nourished scalp to stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss.

Suitable for all hair types and free from sulfates and parabens.

WEED'D – VS001 yellow ceramic bongWEED'D – VS001 yellow ceramic bong

Featured In This Image: Kinfill

5. KINFILL / Halo Soap

Based in the Netherlands, Kinfill is a home care brand whose goal is to redefine modern-day cleaning.

This creamy, jojoba oil-based soap cleanses and nourishes your skin by helping it feel smooth and hydrated. Containing natural ingredients and antibacterial properties, the Halo Soap is boosted with calming, herbal notes of lavender, anise and mint with a refreshing and cleansing scent. 

Featured In This Image: D.S. & Durga

6. D.S. & DURGA / Portable Xmas Tree 2022 Candle 7oz

Founded in 2009, D.S. & Durga is a Brooklyn-based niche perfume pioneer. The two founders interpret olfactory essence as an art form, working under the notion that the power of scent is equal to that of sight and sound.

A new scent for 2022, top notes contain Balsam fir and dwarf pine crystal, to clove water and spruce for heart notes, and amber Austrian pine at the base.

Featured In This Image: Manasi 7

7. MANASI 7 / Eye glow colour Ochaya

Founded in 2018, Manasi 7 is a minimalistic brand delivering timeless, multifunctional beauty products that last, while catering to all skin tones. 

When the weather reaches peak chilliness in wintertime and dry air whips our skin, these soft and blendable organic cream eyeshadows give your eyelids the perfect colour combination while giving it a subtle glow. A natural and certified organic cream eyeshadow, that is versatile and layer-able.

Featured In This Image: Selahatin

8. SELAHATIN / Of course I still luv you mouthwash 200ml

Selahatin is a Stockholm-based brand specialising in contemporary oral care, drawing inspiration from a part Nordic, part oriental heritage by fusing classic spices with freshening aromas.

Capturing the romance and intimate essence of Selahatin, Of Course I Still Luv You is a tribute to hope and fidelity. Notes ranging from citrusy verbena and bergamot to exotic and cardamom, the scents are a holy union between woody pine and aromatic juniper telling a picturesque tale of innocent love and spring blossoms.

Featured In This Image: Bodha

9. BODHA / Smokeless Ritual Incense Refresh

Bodha nurtures a sense of connection with the self. By combining the art of perfume and the science of aromatherapy, the brand invites you into their world of ritual and scent. 

Perfect for daily scent rituals, discover therapeutically scented incense with a gentle fragrance and smokeless burn.

Featured In This Image: MATE


Founded in Denmark in 2016, start-up Mate is a brand whose mission is to tackle today’s challenges of dense traffic congestion, climate change and health issues through affordable, eco-driven electric bicycles.

A collaboration between MATE and Palm Angels, the e-bike is dressed in shiny silver steel and customised with the collaborator's log, as well as long black leather fringed handles. Fitted with a powerful electric motor, hydraulic brakes and a smart LCD colour displaying with an integrated 5V charging model. This model combines style and technology with climate-conscious power.

Featured In This Image: natureofthings

11. NATUREOFTHINGS / Rejuvenating Overnight Facial Mask 50ml

Natureofthings is a modern wellness house rooted in the enduring wisdom of nature. The brand is centred around the belief that that health is harmony. Each formula is equal parts curative and preventive, designed to give you a good today and even better tomorrow.

This lightweight mask is designed to be applied before bed to allow its ingredients to penetrate more effectively overnight. Made with Ubiquinone, Aloe, Tremella Mushroom and Gotu Kola; the product is made to firm and replenish all skin types.

Featured In This Image: THE GREY

12. THE GREY / Self-Tanning Serum 30ml

Developed exclusively for men, The Grey’s skincare products are fine-tuned to preserve, protect and nourish skin from the rigours of modern life.

Different to other self-tanning face products, the serum comes with anti-ageing properties leaving you with a gradual and radiant face tan. With skin-boosting and hydrating properties, the tanning serum plumps your skin with moisture and restores elasticity to fight signs of ageing. 

Kinfill – Full house starter kit set of 4 cleanersKinfill – Full house starter kit set of 4 cleaners

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6. KINFILL / Full House Starter Kit

The Full House Collection includes four of the essential cleaners with blend-at-home concentrates for every situation, room, or surface.The set includes the Multi Surface Cleaner, Glass + Mirror Cleaner, Tub + Tile Cleaner and Floor Cleaner.