A single sculptural chunk of White Charcoal for your home

This aesthetic chunk of White Charcoal is made using Korean Holm oak is a natural and electricity-free air freshener for any room. It regulates humidity levels, cleanses the air of pollution, steam and odors. In Japan, a Hakutan is often placed next to the computer, where the negative ions it emits help neutralize the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves that computer screens are known to emit. A scented essential oil could be added onto the Hakutan in drips to create a calming morning ritual.

A HAKUTAN is a fragile object, so handle it with great care. Remove the plastic cover and place the HAKUTAN in the room you wish to purify. Place it directly on any dry surface and keep the HAKUTAN free of dust with a vacuum cleaner Occasionally expose to direct sunlight and let it dry completely to revitalize its ability to adsorb impurities and moisture from the air. Do not use a microwave oven (why would you do that?).

Your HAKUTAN will last for a lifetime, provided you keep it clean and occasionally revitalize it in direct sunlight. Should you wish to discard it, nature will gladly take it back. An excellent fertilizer just crushes it and mix with potting soil where it will add nourishment and regulate the PH balance - so your plants can thrive and flourish and do an even better job of absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere around this planet that we love so much.

  • Air
  • Country of Origin: DENMARK