A scarce and striking poster with powerful painterly artwork by prolific poster artist Roger Soubie for the French release of the 1961 American aviation drama X-15, which presented a fictionalised account of the experimental X-15 research rocket programme, the test pilots who flew the aircraft to the edge of outer space and the women who loved them. Narrated by James Stewart and starring Charles Bronson and Mary Tyler Moore, the movie was well-received by contemporary critics, with the Washington Star declaring Whatever its serious scientific intentions, the X-15 is an almost unbelievable screen spectacular.

Very good (B+)
Backed on linen in the European style with no restoration whatsoever. Prior to backing this poster had two horizontal folds, the upper fold double creased with torn split to the left edge just extending into blue ground, and small nicks and tears to margins no longer than ¾ in. The backing has smoothed and diminished these minor imperfections. Image and colours otherwise excellent.

French Insert Film Poster
31¼ x 15¾ in. (79.5 x 40 cm.)

  • Drama
  • Country of Origin: Printed in France by Etablissements Saint-Martin, Paris