In Sean Connery's fourth outing as suave secret agent James Bond, Thunderball saw the British spy dispatched to the Bahamas to recover two nuclear warheads stolen by SPECTRE, culminating in an underwater battle with villain Emilio Largo's henchmen. Look Here! The Biggest Bond of All! announced the promotional posters, signalling an even more extravagant and spectacular film experience than its predecessors following the phenomenal success of Goldfinger. With an inflated budget of $5.5 million, the complex production was the first to be shot in Panavision widescreen and included numerous underwater scenes spanning a quarter of the film. A box office smash, Thunderball remained the highest-grossing Bond film until surpassed by Live and Let Die in 1973 and, adjusted for inflation, remains the second-most financially successful Bond film after Skyfall.

Two artists were brought on board to create the various fantastical poster designs which alerted fans to Look Here! Look Up! Look Down! Look Out! as Bond was back in action on land, in the sea and in the air. Now synonymous with the Bond aesthetic, Robert McGinnis was enlisted for his skill in depicting beautiful women, and Frank McCarthy for his ability to produce energetic, larger than life action scenes. Colourful McGinnis artwork showing Bond in his traditional pose, albeit with a spear gun in place of his Walther PPK, surrounded by a bevy of beautiful Bond girls, was chosen for the general release British Quad poster and recycled in black and white on this Double Crown for a 1973 re-release.

Excellent (A)
Backed on linen in the European style with no restoration whatsoever. The backing has smoothed one horizontal and one vertical fold so that they are virtually invisible. Image and colour excellent

Uk Double Crown Film Poster
30 x 20 in. (76 x 51 cm.)

Country of Origin
Printed in England by W.E. Berry LTD. Bradford

James Bond