The Thomas Crown Affair

He was young, handsome, a millionaire - and he'd just pulled off the perfect crime! She was young, beautiful, a super sleuth - sent to investigate it! Starring Steve McQueen and Faye Dunawaye, Norman Jewison's stylish 1968 caper The Thomas Crown Affair saw debonair bank executive and multi-million dollar heist mastermind Thomas Crown meet his match in the glamorous insurance investigator assigned to the case. Their steamy one-minute kiss features among key scenes on this action-packed poster for the first release of the movie in Japan.

Excellent (A-)
Backed on linen. The backing has smoothed and diminished three horizontal fold lines and a tiny quarter-inch tear to lower edge. Light color touching to a tiny circular tear to the grey ground at the left edge above McQueen's side profile. Image and colors otherwise excellent

Japanese B2 Film Poster
28¾ x 20 in. (73 x 51 cm.)

  • Romance