The Astounding She-Monster

A killer US One-Sheet poster for the 1958 B-movie schlock sci-fi horror The Astounding She-Monster, which saw a glowing alien femme fatale crash land on Earth with the deadly power to kill with a single touch. One of a wave of low-budget, exploitative B-movies produced for the burgeoning teen drive-in market throughout the 1950s, the film was released by American International Pictures as a double feature with Roger Corman's The Saga of the Viking Women and Their Voyage to the Waters of the Great Sea Serpent.

More often than not, the best thing about a B-movie is the poster, and this is no exception. Despite being panned by both contemporary and modern critics, with Paul Meehan stating There's absolutely nothing astounding about The Astounding She-Monster unless it's how astoundingly bad the movie is, the superb poster more than makes up for the forgettable film, with its intergalactic blonde bombshell taking centre stage in a shimmering skin-tight spacesuit in a striking palette of red, yellow and black.

Designed by Albert Kallis, one of the great American movie poster artists, the US One Sheet was selected as one of 35 visually arresting posters for the exhibition Graphic! Lurid! Sensational! Exploitation and B-Movie Posters at the Binghamton University in 2016.

Very good (B+)
Conservation backed on linen. Prior to backing the poster was machine folded as issued, with a couple of additional horizontal folds and some wear to cross folds. Backing and colour touching has smoothed and diminished the fold lines, improving their appearance for display. Spots of airbrush to white margins. Image and colours excellent

US One Sheet Film Poster
41¼ x 27 in. (105 x 68.5 cm.)

  • Horror