Star Wars

Jakob Erol's extraordinary design for the first release of Star Wars in Poland in 1979 focuses on a haunting image of C-3P0 against a splattered galaxy. The title lettered in a western-style font reflects the notion that Star Wars was a space western.

Although Western films were shown during the Soviet era in the Communist Bloc, American publicity materials were banned, allowing the state-commissioned artists to operate with total creative freedom from the demands of the big Hollywood studios, offering quirky and sometimes surreal interpretations which often had no reference to the film. This rare poster has previously sold at Sotheby's for $3,750 USD.

Very good (B+)
Backed on linen in the European style with no restoration whatsoever. Prior to the backing, this poster had one vertical and one horizontal manual fold with minor nicks, creases and tears to corners and edges, the largest under half an inch to lower edge, and a small tear across the tip of the lower-left corner which remains intact. The backing has smoothed and diminished these fold lines and minor imperfections. A few minor surface scuffs and a few minor printing flaws to black ground. Image and colours otherwise excellent

Polish B1 Film Poster
38 x 26¾ in. (96.5 x 68 cm.)

  • Science fiction