Rebel Without A Cause

A rare poster for the first Finnish release of the classic 1955 teenage drama Rebel Without A Cause, with artwork by Engel. Starring James Dean in his most celebrated role as a troubled teen alongside Natalie Wood, the film achieved cult status when Dean tragically died a month before the release, becoming an icon of American pop culture. The groundbreaking film offers a portrait of rebellious and misunderstood youth in 1950s middle-class suburban America from the perspective of a defiant Dean.

Excellent (A-)
Backed on linen. Prior to the backing, this poster had one horizontal fold line and pinholes to corners and edges. The backing has smoothed the fold and light colour touching has diminished the pinholes. Image and colours excellent

Finnish small format
23½ x 16 in. (59.5 x 40.5 cm.)

  • Drama