An international style US lobby card for Woody Allen's 1979 romantic comedy Manhattan, starring co-writer and director Allen as a twice-divorced middle-aged comedy writer dating a high-school girl (Mariel Hemingway) after his wife (Meryl Streep) leaves him for a woman, who then falls in love with his best friend's mistress (Diane Keaton). Shot in lustrous black and white with a Gershwin soundtrack, the film was Allen's love letter to New York City.

The film"s most memorable image is Woody Allen and Diane Keaton sitting on a bench at dawn on the banks of the East River, silhouetted against the backdrop of Queensboro bridge. Although used on the US One Sheet and British Quad posters, the scene was not featured in the US Lobby Card set. However, the classic image was chosen for the first card in the "international style" Lobby Card set, which was printed in the United States for use at theatres with Spanish speaking audiences, making this a rare and sought after card.

Excellent (A-)
Unfolded cardstock, not backed. Very minor bumps to corners. A tiny light brown splash to the right margin. A strip of mounting tape professionally removed verso. The lobby card has undergone the gelatin sizing process wherein it has been washed, bleached and sizing has been added back into the paper fibres to strengthen and flatten the paper.

US Lobby Card, International Style, #1
11¼ x 14 in. (28.5 x 35.5 cm.)

  • Romance