I Married A Monster From Outer Space

With a kitschy schlock-horror title and eye-catching vibrant artwork featuring a young bride dramatically recoiling in horror at the alien shadow lurking behind her, B movie sci-fi doesn't get much better than this! Released in black and white by Paramount as a double feature with The Blob, I Married A Monster From Outer Space became a fifties drive-in favourite.

Starring Gloria Talbot and Tom Tyron, the film followed a new bride's discovery that her husband has been replaced by an alien in humanoid form, along with most of the men in her small town. Despite the sensationalist marketing, the movie was well-received by critics as an intelligent, atmospheric and subtly made sci-fi thriller.

Very good (B+)
Backed on linen. Prior to the backing, this poster had one vertical and three horizontal machine folds as issued, and a diagonal crease across the lower-left corner. The backing and minor colouring touch to the upper horizontal has smoothed and diminished the appearance of the fold lines. Tiny paper loss to tip of lower-left corner. Both lower corners with fine surface scratches, probably from a restorer dry brushing. A few scuffs of black ink transfer and a fine surface scratch to red ground. A spot of light wrinkling to paper at lower credits around VITTES. A few areas of darkening and minor foxing to margins. Image and colours otherwise excellent

US One Sheet
41¼ x 27 in. (105 x 68.5 cm.)

  • Horror