Hommage a l'Oeuvre Cinematographique de Jean Cocteau
Hommage a l'Oeuvre Cinematographique de Jean Cocteau


Hommage a l'Oeuvre Cinematographique de Jean Cocteau

Featuring the superb 1949 Jean Cocteau illustration Profil d'Homme: Harold, this striking poster promoted a 1970's tribute to Cocteau's cinematic oeuvre at legendary Parisian cinema La Pagode, housed in an actual 19th Century Japanese pagoda, where the influential polymath had premiered his last film in 1960.

A leading creative force in the French avant-garde with an output that spanned fine art, literature, poetry, playwriting, set design and filmmaking, Cocteau is best known for his 1929 play Les enfants terribles, the 1948 film Les parents Terribles, and the films Beauty and the Beast (1946) and Orpheus (1949).

His final film, The Testament of Orpheus (1960) featured appearances by Picasso, matador Luis Miguel Domingu’n and Yul Brynner. Cocteau's films, many of which he both wrote and directed, introduced Surrealism into French cinema and were a crucial influence on the French New Wave.

Excellent (A-)
Unfolded, backed on linen. Backing and the most minor colour touching has smoothed and diminished dog-ear creases to corners, a faint 15 in. crease just above lower edge, extending into telephone number and a half-inch vertical tear to lower right corner. Image and colour excellent

French Cinema Poster
45½ x 29 in. (115.5 x 70.5 cm.),

Country of Origin
Printed in France by A. Karcher, Aubervilliers