From Russia With Love

In Sean Connery's second outing as James Bond, From Russia With Love saw the British spy battling a secret crime organisation known as Spectre. The follow-up to 007's 1962 debut in Dr. No, Terence Young's From Russia With Love further developed the Bond formula with elaborate titles, fast-paced action sequences, a John Barry score and the introduction of Desmond Llewelyn as Q with his myriad gadgets, a role he would play for 36 years.

Issued for the first Swedish release of the film in 1964, this stunning poster reconfigured Renato Fratini's iconic artwork for the Brtish Quad, which established the signature Bond pose and is considered the best of all James Bond quad posters. Working with Eric Pulford at the Downton agency, London based Italian artist Fratini captured the essence of 007 with his laconic smile, suave suit, gun poised and a bevvy of beauties, with glimpses of action to the background.

With the British quad selling for upwards of £10,000, the original Swedish One Sheet offers the same superb Fratini design in an arguably more accessible format at a fraction of the price.

Very Good (B+)
Conservation backed on linen. Prior to backing this poster had two vertical and two horizontal fold lines with a few splits to folds and wear and minor losses to cross folds. Backing and sensitive colour touching has smoothed, diminished and improved the appearance of folds and cross folds for display. Image and colours otherwise excellent

Swedish One Sheet Film Poster
39 x 27½ in. (99 x 70 cm.)

  • James bond
  • Country of Origin: Printed in France by Ets. Saint-Martin Imp., Paris