Dr. No

Based on Ian Fleming's novel of the same name, the 1962 release of Dr. No first introduced the world to one of the most enduring characters in Western cinema and kicked off one of the most successful film franchises of all time. Suave British spy James Bond travels to Jamaica to investigate the disappearance of a fellow agent, where he battles a megalomaniac scientist bent on disrupting the US space programme.

In the same way that the first film established many of the themes and visual aspects that came to be associated with the James Bond series, the first film posters set a template for the visual representation of Bond that has seen little deviation over the past 60 years. Based on a design by David Chasman, illustrator Mitchell Hooks pictured the gentleman spy in a dinner jacket, with his smoking pistol in one hand and a cigarette in the other, flanked by four glamorous beauties in various states of undress.

The US One Sheet also featured the first use of the now-familiar 007 pistol logo by Joseph Caroff. Two versions of the first release the US One Sheet exist with either yellow or white smoke escaping from the barrel of Bond's gun. This is the "white smoke" version, which allowed for greater visibility of the twisting smoke against the yellow background.

Very good (B+) to Excellent (A-)
Conservation backed on linen in the European style with no restoration whatsoever. Prior to the backing, this poster had one vertical and three horizontal machines folds as issued with minor creasing to lower crossfold and multiple pinholes to corners and edges. The backing has smoothed and diminished the appearance of fold lines and pinholes for display. A couple of faint smudges to the upper left edge. Image and colours excellent

US One Sheet Film Poster
42 x 27 in. (107 x 68.5 cm.)

  • James bond