SH2 Deep Clean Shampoo 200ml
SH2 Deep Clean Shampoo 200ml


SH2 Deep Clean Shampoo 200ml

"I was fed up having to wash my hair several times before it felt clean. SH2 is a deep clean shampoo that effortlessly washes out all traces of styling product and impurities in one wash, even the water-resistant M3. It's one of the brand's most unique formulations and took years to perfect. It's a real game-changer and I use it everyday." Patrick.

DESIGNED FOR: Thick to normal hair.

PERFORMANCE: Deeply cleans to remove product buildup, toxins and excess oil. Antioxidant-rich formula protects and strengthens hair. UV resistant.

TECHNOLOGY: Contains the exclusive Patricks Recovery Compound (PRC) multi-functional formula that targets 4 areas.

COLOGNE : Violet and Tobacco Leaf.

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