Mate X - Shocking Pink - 250W / 17Ah / HB

Powerful Motor/Battery Combo 
Strong motor of 250w. Hi-torque 48V battery for quick acceleration, and up to 17.5Ah capacity to ride farther per charge so you can take the long way home. No matter the terrain or weather conditions, this motor/battery combo prepares you for tackling them all.

Shimano 8-SPD Shifting 
Shimano shifters and rear derailleur combo provide expert shifting, with ideal gear steps for seamless transitions between shifts as you perfectly match your terrain and riding style.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes 
Smoother, more reliable braking with fingertip effort. Automatic pad adjustment as pads wear down.

Full Suspension
Smooths out all the bumps so you’ll never have to avoid cobbles or rocky trails again. Go ahead and play hard, knowing your bike will back you up!

4.0" Fat Tire Wheels 
20” wheels with ultra-wide rims, partnered with all-terrain fat tires, provide ultimate comfort as well as improved control and handling.

Power supply - Samsung 2900 Lithium-Ion battery 48V 17 Ah
Plug type SANS 54.6V 5A with 3-pin safety connection plug
Wireless charging? No
Battery - Samsung 2900 Lithium-Ion 48V 17 Ah
System requirements - N/A
Size (packaged) - Height 70cm, width 146cm, depth 35cm
Size (unpackaged) - Height 124cm, width 180cm, depth 65cm
Weight (packaged) - 44000g
Weight (unpackaged) - 31000g
What's in the box - Asembly tools, MATE X manual, Display manual, Derailleur manual, Pedal manual, Front fork manual, Brake manual
Additional Features? Max. Speed: 25 km/h
Range: 80 km with pedal assist