Haeckels Mixology Hair Oil Set Mycelium

A perfect gift for someone, or yourself.

A Beautifully Boxed Gift Set Featuring The Latest Hair Care Products From Haeckels Including Kelp Bioferment And Three Cold Pressed Oils. The Haeckels Hair Care Mixology Gift Set includes the following products: Kelp Bioferment 30ml, Broccoli Seed Oil 30ml, Pumpkin Seed Oil 30ml, Tomato Seed Oil 30ml.

Why Buy This Set? Hair care requirements change throughout the seasons for all of us. We don"t believe a solution to this is to buy multiple products and invest money in more and more products with a short shelf life. By using our cold pressed oils and our Kelp Bioferment you can add essential vitamins and nutrients to your existing rituals depending if you need to protect, nourish or repair your hair and scalp.

It's your body, you should decide what you need and be able to customise this approach easily.

  • Hair
  • Country of Origin: UK