Relive Face Mist

Elder Tree

Relive Face Mist is the perfect quick fix any time. A selective blend of elderberry, seaweed, artichoke and cress sprouts to soothe your skin and protect against the effects of pollutants. Use after cleansing to prep your face for moisturising, then drop it in your bag to add freshness and skin protection as you move from place to place, day and night.

For all skin types.

• A potent natural antioxidant, Elderberry is also great for soothing irritated skin.
• Organic Cress Sprouts, Artichoke extract and Polysaccharide complex shield, detoxify and protect the cells from pollution.
• Triple action anti-oxidant complex of polysaccharides, organic cress sprouts and artichoke extract that shields, detoxifies and protects cells from pollution.
• Contains a natural complex of Polysaccharide and sea salt derived from Red Algae native to Scandinavian waters that act as a hyaluronic with age-delaying properties.

Hold at arm's length and spray generously onto your face and neck for instantly fresh, protected and active skin.

  • Skin
  • 50 ml