Garment Care Intro Pack

This introductory pack for Attirecare features a curated mix of products from the garment care category.

Here is the list of items selected for you:

20x Crease Release - 250ml
27x Crease Release - 100ml
20x Red Wine Stain Remover - 250ml
27x Red Wine Stain Remover - 100ml
12x Denim Wash (Ylang) - 500ml
20x Denim Wash (Ylang) - 250ml
20x Denim Spray (Ylang) - 250ml
27x Denim Spray (Ylang) - 100ml
27x Denim Crease Release - 100ml
12x Denim Care Kit
12x Explore Set - 100ml
20x Garment Spray (cedar) - 250ml
27x Garment Spray (cedar) - 100ml
6x Delicate Wash Cedar - 500ml
6x Garment Protector - 500ml

  • Intro pack
  • Country of Origin: UK