Fairfax Essentials Intro Pack

This introductory pack for Attirecare features a selected mix of products covering all categories.Shoe, Garment and Home care.

Here is the list of items handpicked for you:

20x Shoe Cleaning Set 250ml
27x Leather Cream 100ml
12x Shoe Care Travel Pack 100ml
27x Shoe Deodoriser 100ml
20x The Protector 250ml
27x Crease Release 100ml
27x Garment Spray 250ml
20x Red Wine Stain Remover 250ml
20x Denim Care Kit
20x Explore Set
12x Delicate Wash (Cedar) 500ml
12x Garment Protector 500ml
4x Complete Home Cleaning Set 3 x 500ml
15x Pillow Mist Cedar & Lavender 100ml

  • Intro pack
  • Country of Origin: UK