Onboarding WEED'D

Slow down, relax and take a break with design-centred smoking objects.

Born in 2022, WEED'D is the first Italian brand of design-centred smoking objects. Designed by Simone Bonanni, Valerio Sommella and Maddalena Casadei, the three Italian designers took the challenge to break down barriers and reinvent the common narrative around cannabis use.

"The [designs] stand in the middle between performing products and home decor objects" said WEED'D founder Stefano Aschieri as featured in Dezeen. 

Explore the narrative behind each object and designer below.

Simone Bonanni Studio is a multidisciplinary design studio established in 2015 in Milan. Simone, the Design Director of WEED’D, focuses on limited edition product design, whilst intertwining creativity, new trends and fresh perspectives in everyday work. 

Simone is currently working on projects for selected international brands such as Alessi, Moooi, MDF Italia, FIAM , Falper, Mingardo and many others.

Valerio Sommella is an Italian industrial designer, born in Tuscany, and raised in Milan where he graduated with Honours at the Design Department of the Milan Polytechnic.

He considers each project as an opportunity to express his idea of design, which investigates the language of objects through conventional, material and technological research. He describes the products he designs as short stories, each with its own plot and characters, but with the same tone of writing.

Maddalena Casadei is an Italian designer born in Forlì. After obtaining an Architectural Degree at the University of Ferrara and her MA in Design at Domus Academy, since 2017, Maddalena has successfully set up her own design studio in Milan.

Her design approach is based on a continuous personal interaction with clients, technicians and materials; and  focuses on art direction, product design, exhibition design and interiors.

Challenging the traditional narrative of such a controversial item, WEED’d has centralised their brand around good design, craftsmanship and intelligent materials. Partnered with traditional manufacturers around their national landscape, each smoking object is hand crafted and ceramic glazed.

The limited edition of 50 pieces is now available in 3 colourways named after each designer’s initials.