Our guide to post-holiday hair care.

Renourish your holiday hair from uv rays, chlorine and outdoor air pollution, with our selection of advanced and nourishing hair care products.

Hair-focused routine collageHair-focused routine collage


Take the best care of your hair in 4 simplified steps with mid/night's 00.00 range of innovative and natural formulas. From their Shampoo 00.01 and Conditioner 00.02, to Hair Mask 00.03 and Hair Mist 00.04, simplify your routine to help restore and deeply nourish your hair. 

1. midnight 00/00 / Shampoo 00.01 300ml 

2. midnight 00/00 / Conditioner 00.02 300ml 

3. midnight 00/00 / Hair Mask 00.03 200ml

4. midnight 00/00 / Hair Mist 00.04 100ml


Natureofthings hair concentrates are potent formulations to cleanse and condition your hair. Perfect for your summer ritual, the product duo combines hair-strengthening and nutrient-rich properties using bioactive plant, mineral and aqueous ingredients. 

Lock in lasting hydration with a vegan, clean, conscious and cruelty-free formula. 

Coming soon. 

5. natureofthings / Hair Cleanse Concentrate 250ml

6. natureofthings / Hair Condition Concentrate 250ml


Different to other hair care formulas, THE GREY’s mantra to male grooming is "Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp".

Their Daily Stimulating Shampoo cleans down to the root and removes excess sebum, to restore optimum moisture levels. Combine this with an antioxidant such as their Saw Palmetto Berries Capsules, to extend the health of your scalp and relieve hair loss.

7. THE GREY / Daily Stimulating Shampoo 250ml

8. THE GREY / Saw Palmetto Berries 100 Capsules


According to Patricks, a high performing grooming brand for men, “thanks to science, hair loss is now optional”.

The Patricks Recovery Compound (PRC) combines both plant based and scientifically engineered ingredients of the highest quality and proven efficacy. The combined and synergistic action of these ingredients directly address hair loss and hair growth, whilst styling your hair. Prevent hair loss, scalp health, hair growth and continue to protect your hair from UV rays with their M1 Matte Light Hold or S2 Shine Medium hold.

9. Patricks / M1 Matte Light Hold 75g

10. Patricks / S2 Shine Medium Hold 75g