The nose knows.

The science of fragrance has allowed us to understand how the brain perceives scent and how it can make us feel. One's sense of smell is a personal journey defined by experience and shaped by nostalgia. Discover your olfactory sense this holiday season.

Fantome de Maules / Stora SkugganFantome de Maules / Stora Skuggan

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1. STORA SKUGGAN / Fantôme de Maules

Founded in 2015 in Stockholm by a group of young alchemists, Stora Skuggan combines niche perfumery with mystical story telling. Central to the brand, these tales are conceptualised through scent and art, creating a small universe for each product.

In a small village in the french-speaking part of Switzerland, surrounded by agricultural fields and  dense forests is Maules. An enigmatic being, seen by many wandering the local woodlands for the past decade, dressed in nothing but cloaked camouflage and an obsolete mask. Most likely human but one cannot be sure. Looming at almost two meters tall he seems to take particular interest in the surrounding flora and fauna.  Unaware of passers-by, he spends his time picking and smelling flowers; only then he lets down his guard. A crack of a twig or the rustle of a leaf and he'll vanish back into the foliage. The locals call him Le Loyon, but the character calls himself Fantôme de Maules. The ghost of Maules. So who is Fantôme de Maules? A recluse, an outcast from society who has made a home in the forest? A survivalist preparing for the apocalypse? We will never know, because he doesn't want us to. And perhaps that's what makes Fantôme de Maules a character with such a riveting mystery. The modern world is alight with information and the shadows are shrinking. It is rare to come across someone who doesn't feel it is necessary to explain himself.

Bodha–  Ritual Oil Diffuser Ceramic Forest GreenBodha–  Ritual Oil Diffuser Ceramic Forest Green

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2. BODHA / Ritual Oil Diffuser Ceramic Forest Green

Founded in 2014, Bodha is creating a new world of therapeutic perfumery to help you come back to yourself through the power of scent. Bodha brings the nostalgia from the founders’ native lands of New Zealand and Holland, which is lightly influenced by the rolling mountains and bulb fields. By combining the art of perfume and the science of aromatherapy, the founders  invite you into their world of ritual and scent. 

Diffusing essential oils is an ancient way to absorb the healing life-force of plants & flowers. With a sculptural silhouette and purposeful design, the Ritual Oil diffuser is practical yet aesthetically pleasing addition to any room. 

Used to create space, calm the nervous system and naturally scent a room with a few drops of their Refresh or Calm Ritual Oil

MONOM – Reyna pure perfume 30 mlMONOM – Reyna pure perfume 30 ml

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3. MONOM / Reyna Pure Perfume

Established in 2014, MONOM fragrances captures timeless poetry and weaves it with the most innovative techniques. Each essence explores carefully considered ingredients, evoking memories of the past by investigating the depths of amber and vanilla, patchouli and musk.

REYNA is MOMOM’s interpretation of the most sensual raw materials, the queen of essences and the natural absolute of Vanilla. The name REYNA is primarily a female name of Spanish origin that means QUEEN and the Mexican Vanilla Planifolia can only be pollinated by a small stingless bee native to Mexico due to its obscure shape. It was not able to live far from its homeland, making the vanilla pod extremely rare and precious.

REYNA is a fragrance with powerful and sensual notes. A true weapon of seduction, the perfume imbues the skin with an exotic and intriguing charm, with a sweet and decisive fragrance that encompasses the regenerating power of passion.

D.S & Durga – Portable fireplace candle 7ozD.S & Durga – Portable fireplace candle 7oz

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4. D.S & DURGA / Portable Fireplace Candle

Founded in 2009, D.S. & Durga is a Brooklyn based niche perfume pioneer, interpreting olfactory essence as an art form. Each fragrance is an amalgamation of impressions, heavy research, memories, and unconventional ideas, creating imaginative scents with realism and purpose.

Nothing is cosier than a fireplace during this nostalgic holiday season in the Northern Hemisphere. The hearth brings us back to that ancient desire for warmth. The smell of a fireplace makes us think of the countryside, family gatherings, reading, romance and immeasurably more. In the speed of the modern world, it is rarer to have a working fireplace– or to take the time to light a fire. It’s a commitment. So at D.S & Durga, the brand has created a candle to give you the scent and feeling of having a gentle fire wherever you may be with the blend of cedar, pine, and oak; and cade and birch for smoke and ash. Winter hibernation in session.

Kinfill – Full house starter kit set of 4 cleanersKinfill – Full house starter kit set of 4 cleaners

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6. KINFILL / Full House Starter Kit

The Full House Collection includes four of the essential cleaners with blend-at-home concentrates for every situation, room, or surface.The set includes the Multi Surface Cleaner, Glass + Mirror Cleaner, Tub + Tile Cleaner and Floor Cleaner.