NAMES presents Time Legacy

A glimpse into moments from our collaboration with THAT Concept Store

We would like to share with you moments from a special evening in Dubai last Thursday, 30th of May. NAMES presented Time Legacy - an exclusive event in collaboration with THAT Concept Store, in which we curated and showcased a rare selection of watches of rare luxury heritage.

Haeckels | Harvesting of local seaweed for their product in Jurassic reef in Margate.Haeckels | Harvesting of local seaweed for their product in Jurassic reef in Margate.

Exclusivity and the essence of time converged. The invitation-only experience delivered an atmosphere of sophistication and discovery. A selected number of watch enthusiasts had the chance to experience and purchase a collection of some of the world’s most hard to find timepieces. 

It took the mere presence of glistening models of Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, dating back to 1981 and further – and everyone was bewildered. The showcase could not be imagined without Globe-Trotter cases - a tasteful addition highlighting each piece's individuality.


Swedish Watches spoke for themselves - from custom creations to rare vintage icons and special editions, Time Legacy offered a journey through time, in the (almost) literal sense. An evening at Nobu Prive set the stage for a week-long showcase of twenty one rare pieces, each bearing a unique narrative, available only at THAT Concept store

 What seemed only a moment in time is instead an experience designed for collectors to acquire what most can only dream of. Take a glimpse into what happened in Dubai. Step into the legacy, where every second counts.




Image: arabwatchguide at Instagram