Tradition, prestige and ingenuity

NAMES has come together with Jacques Marie Mage and Antonioli to offer an intimate in-store experience, spotlighting a unique and customisable display cabinet that sets the mark for quality, craftsmanship, and taste.

JMM has enlisted the talents of Hervet Manufacturier, the family-run Paris-based furniture design firm, to bring a sense of tradition, prestige, and ingenuity to the brand's in-store display experience. Founders Nicolas and Cédric Hervet come from a long line of carpenters and artisans from over four generations. The cousins trained at some of the finest design schools in France before embarking on separate careers. Cédric became Daft Punk's long-time creative director, and Nicolas would rack up repeated honours in woodwork and sculpture. The two then came together in 2014 to form Hervet Manufacturier, and have worked with prestigious brands from around the world. Incorporating the same level of meaningful detail and craftsmanship that JMM applies to their limited edition eyewear, Hervet has become synonymous with stunning handmade pieces in futurist forms, crafted using rare woods and traditional techniques such as marquetry and veneering.

Nicolas Hervet is one of the few who can create modern furniture but with a romantic feel that takes you back to the 19th century. – Jerome Mage

Speaking of tradition, prestige, and ingenuity- nothing felt more fitting than the coming together of Jacques Marie Mage and Antonioli. In 1987, Claudio Antonioli launched his first retail project in Milan, which soon became a reference point for a select and knowledgeable clientele. In January 2003, the shop moved to Via P. Paoli 1, formerly home to one of the first silent cinemas in Milan from the 1920s. The remodelling of the space focused on combining contemporary aesthetics with the original historical foundation of the building. Claudio Antonioli's philosophy is to integrate research, modernity and the avant-garde, which is well-aligned with Jacques Marie Mage. 

Now displayed in Antonioli, Milan, the coming together of our partners and brands has been a synonymous journey.