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Kaleidoscope Labs crafts elevated and transformative organic CBD-based capsules, made to promote a healthy lifestyle. Using microencapsulation technology, the range of products are carefully blended to promote day-to-day well-being in both body and mind, aligned carefully to your body’s own unique pattern.

The brand’s belief in transparency is a cornerstone of its ethos, ensuring that each capsule is accurately explained on the label so users can regulate the exact balance of nutrients entering their body. Inspired by both nature and medicine, Kaleidoscope sources single-origin plants to extract their full spectrum, taking all the beneficial nutrients – meaning all the fats, proteins and vitamins stay in the bottle.

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40 units
8 units x 5 formulations
8 x Wake
8 x Sleep
8 x Glow
8 x Soothe
8 x Boost

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Here we have put together our opening order recommendations to introduce Kaleidoscope. This is based on best-sellers and it also ensures a strong visual representation in store.