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Life care

Centred around care products built to prolong the life of footwear, garments and homeware, Manchester-based Attirecare’s ethical approach has been shaped in reaction to a growing culture of waste and limited-use in each of those categories.

Through handmade products, the brand’s carefully-selected range of organic ingredients enable them to guarantee both ethical and environmental quality. Attirecare’s selection of protective gels, liquids and more are built to redefine the way we approach cleaning and maintaining our prized possessions. Their bottles reflect this, too – aesthetically-pleasing, to be placed proudly upon shelves, windowsills and mantelpieces rather than in the back of cupboards under the kitchen sink.

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Here we have put together our opening order recommendations to introduce ATTIRECARE. This is based on best-sellers across Home, Garment and Shoe care, ensuring a strong visual representation in store.