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Support immunity, improve digestion, sleep better. With biocol labs nature is the answer.


Founded in 1977, biocol labs is a family-run laboratory ahead of its time, believing that mineral and plant-based science would ultimately make the chemical pharma industry redundant. Providing a range of health essentials which are plant-based and straight-talking, the brand meets needs of modern life which traditional healthcare channels can’t provide.


Biocol labs has researched, developed and perfected a trace-element range of supplements aiming to activate the vital functions of the organism and to preserve the integrity of the cells from modernisation such as pollution, stress, electronic radiation, UV rays as well as genetically modified foods and crops. As a result, the supplement is even more powerful, efficient and easy-to-use formulas, mixing minerals with high quality superfoods, harnessing the power of nature with chemical-free supplements to treat your body with the kindness it deserves. 

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